Aces High

You Are Ace 2

A fantastically detailed piece by Laura Seaby and Whittington Press, You Are Ace is a limited edition, 2 colour, A4 print on 300gsm Somerset.

You Are Ace 1

Always having wanted to work on a print that could really maximise the detail that letterpress accentuates very well, Laura had been hoping to undertake a design based around playing cards. “I think you are ace” popped into her head and the print was born from there.

You Are Ace 5

It was printed up at the Whittington Press with the kind help of printer Tom Mayo who works there. The print can be bought online from Keep Calm Gallery.

You Are Ace 4

You Are Ace 3

Photos copyright © Keep Calm Gallery

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  1. […] The two color, limited edition print features a fantastic, playing card-like graphic that includes a spade, a diamond, a club, and a little red heart, and each print is signed and numbered by Laura. – via deeply impressed […]