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We first clapped eyes on this rather striking print just before Christmas. We next clapped eyes on the real thing last week, after Neil Richards of Websites Are Lovely (@jetpacmagazine) arranged for Deeply Impressed to offer one as a prize in our next competition! It was designed by Neil, pressed by the ever-popular Blush Publishing, and is one of the most striking of the army of limited edition letterpress posters that we have seen. It’s designed as an A3 print, printed on 300gsm Somerset Velvet, and very strictly limited to 100 prints. The prize print is number 99! We are particular fans of the unique numbering system Neil came up with for the piece!

To snap yourself (see what we did there?) this fine print as a prize, you’ll need to tell us what other design icons should be included within this series of prints.

Camera Print 2

How to enter:

To enter this competition simply come up with another design icon, that would continue the theme across further letterpress posters. When you have a winner, post it to the page with the comment box below. Neil himself will be choosing the lucky winner, so do your best to make it lovely! You can enter as many times as you like, but only one entry per comment please! Good luck!

Closing date:

This competition will run until Tuesday 17th January 2012, with the lucky winner being announced on Wednesday 18th January 2012.

Camera Print 5

Camera Print 1

Camera Print 4

Camera Print 3

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37 Responses to “Win a Lovely Camera Print”

  1. Paul Y says:

    It looks very much like a Yashica D twin lens reflex classic camera that I inherited recently. Along with this I was fortunate to also inherit a Leica 1 (Model A) dating from circa 1930, the first production 35mm film compact camera and a very iconic looking item.

    Therefore I’d like to suggest this as the next subject for Neil, as it continues the classic camera theme but would also stand alone and look great as a single poster.

  2. Adam Johnson says:

    I love this!

    I’d suggest a gramophone for the next one. I think it would fit the theme well and work perfectly in 2D as this one does.

  3. KT says:

    Angelpoise lamp

  4. Sian says:

    Lightbulb! Just for those Eureka moments…

  5. Sian says:

    Or a classic typewriter – that’s definitely an icon of our times.

  6. Sian says:

    Or one of the 300 series 1930’s desk telephones (I’m getting carried away now!)

  7. Adam Johnson says:

    Sticking closer to the visual arts – how about a Super 8 camera?

  8. Adam Johnson says:

    Or sticking with photography – a Polaroid Land Camera?

  9. Adam Johnson says:

    A cassette!

    Can you tell I want to win this?! I bloody love it!

  10. The Ball Clock, designed by George Nelson in 1950. The styling and colours would look great as a letterpress print.

  11. How about the Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer designed in the 1920s and still completely amazing today nearly 100 years on? Nice lines too.


  12. Really loving all the entries so far, it’s going to be tough choosing a winner at the end.
    Good luck everyone!

    Neil (the designer)

  13. Dave Kelly says:

    Old reel to reel tape player

  14. Darren Mundy says:

    A GPO 746 Rotary Dial Telephone in black, luckily your print would be black so that works out well. Great work Neil. To be honest even if I don’t win this one I think I’ll buy one anyway from your site, but don’t let that sway your decision on my object of choice. Cheers Darren.

  15. Lizzie B says:

    On continuing the theme of cameras of the heyday, I would love to see a print of a bellows camera along the lines of a Kodak Vigilant. Bellows camera are some of the most iconic cameras around and not only are they fun to use, they are beautiful to look at!

    Regardless of what you happen to print next, keep up the beautiful work!

  16. Sian says:

    Great design, Neil – really lovely!

    My udea for the day is an old 1950’s style TV, the kind on legs with a long antennae on the top.

  17. unclephil says:

    A milk bottle.
    A Gillot drawing pen.
    A T-square.

  18. ScottC says:

    A classic Mini Cooper.

  19. ScottC says:

    A Douglas DC-3 (airliner).

  20. ScottC says:

    The famous three-legged Alessi juicer.

  21. ScottC says:

    A Chandler & Price “old-style” letterpress.

  22. ScottC says:

    A ‘Luxo’ lamp.

  23. ScottC says:

    Fountain pen & nibs… maybe Parker 51?

  24. Phylecia says:

    Defintiely an old Polaroid camera!

  25. Rosalind Harris says:

    To be slightly different but still keeping with the visual theme… how about a vintage microscope… like some shown on these links:

  26. Euan says:

    I’m going with the following:

    Sony Walkman

  27. Euan says:

    … or the humble bicycle…

  28. Euan says:

    … or the anglepoise lamp…

  29. admin says:

    Hi guys! Thanks for all the entries, there are some great ones here!

    The competition is now closed, and we’ll announce who the winner is tomorrow!

  30. Thanks to everyone who entered, it really was a tough job to pick a winner – genuinely laboured over it, shortlisted, changed my mind – if I had spare prints I would have given more!

    cheers Neil (designer)