The Deeply Impressed Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are normally, but not always, tiny text files stored on your computer, within the internet browsers directory or elsewhere in subfolders. They are created when you browse to certain websites and vary depending upon what the site needs to use them for. For instance, certain cookies will be used if each user has a customised login interface or advanced features, others will be used to show you some of the most recent items you viewed from the last time you visited a site!

What does Deeply Impressed use cookies for?

The only cookie saved onto your computer by the Deeply Impressed site is one to allow us to use web analytics and track where people go on our site. It doesn’t allow us to gather personal information about you, and just to let you know, we wouldn’t pass any such info on to anyone else even if it did – which it doesn’t! We use this cookie to allow us to examine web analytics and deduce which are the most popular pieces of content to hopefully bring you more of what you love and less of what you don’t!

More on cookies

There is a great article here that gives a full run down on the cookie subject, but you’ll obviously need to accept their cookies to continue on and read it!